Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear All,

We shall soon be in the thickness of sundry electoral preparations relating to ensuing Assembly Elections. I request you all to start all the ground work from right now, without actually awaiting for the Election Notification to be issued. All of you have worked hard to produce a clean electoral roll which is a must for a free and fair elections. However, there are many things which need to be done. I seek your attention to the following:-
  1. Please ensure that the task of continuous updation takes place in right earnest, with simultaneous hearing and disposal.
  2. Please ensure that all the electors seeking duplicate EPICs are issued one immediately and the damaged ones destroyed forthwith as per ECI guidelines.
  3. You can think of Voter Education and Awareness for ensuring higher turnout at the hustings. ECI video regarding EVM operation and other issues relating to voter rights should be planned through cable network and other possible ways.
  4. I have already requested the SDOs to send in their DCRC and Counting Hall proposals with relevant maps and layouts immediately. Hope they are all on the job.
  5. All of your are also requested to ensure that all our polling stations are poll worthy and have a ramp in good condition for the physically handicapped.
  6. Please do use the information on our district website relating to our election GIS and information on the web. You can use this information in planning your electoral preparations. We shall soon be giving you the passwords so that you can update your Block-related data from your end only.
  7. Think of some innovative idea for better electoral management including preparation of easy-to-understand election/training literature.
  8. Do dispose of all election related complaints immediately.
  9. Do share any and every suggestion that you might have.

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