Monday, March 14, 2011

DCRC Arrangements: Some Points To Be Taken Care Of

            Dispersal-Cum-Reception Centre

Knowing very well that you are all immersed in sundry preparations for the ensuing polls, I thought I should just remind you about various arrangements to be made at the DCRC on 22nd April, 2011. Following are the issues which should engage your attention while making various arrangements for the DCRC:
  • Coordination with/between police and civil sector officers.
  • Sector Officers to report at DCRC in time to ensure that polling parties of their respective sectors are formed, materials checked and police tagging done.
  • Police Sector vehicles not to be tagged with a particular civil sector or route. Police sector vehicles to be ready at the Vehicle Tagging Point. They shall accompany any sector/route wherefor entire polling party is ready to move.
  • The Lathi Constables are to be dropped at respective booths during this escorting.
  • Training of DCRC personnel to be properly done.
  • ‘MAY I HELP YOU’ Counter to be manned by efficient and well-trained personnel having details about DCRC arrangements.
  • Training on Demand/Model Polling Station Counter to be put up.
  • Public Address System at the DCRC to be properly arranged and an efficient person to be deputed for the purpose.
  • Pandel and related structures to be properly erected with a view to presumed cyclonic weather/squalls. The agency (both for infrastructure and electricity) to be there all the time.
  • Vehicular/traffic movement at DCRC and on important routes approaching the DCRC to be properly managed. Traffic to be suitably diverted with advance arrangements/planning to be made in this regard.
  • Food/Tiffin packets distribution for the DCRC personnel to be so done as not to affect the smooth functioning of the DCRC.
  • Payment party to report in time as and where applicable and in case of those personnel for whom the payments could not be made through the bank accounts.
  • Extra care needs to be taken of the reserve polling personnel at DC. There should be a nodal officer to look after them. Basic amenities like tea/snacks should be arranged for the reserve polling personnel at the place earmarked for the reserve PP. They should be strictly warned against loitering outside their earmarked place.
  • Issue of payment for the Reserve PP should be decided well in advance.
  • Arrangements for dropping of the PP should also be sorted out in advance with the respective routes being notified in advance.
  • Arrangements for basic amenities like toilet and potable water to be suitably made.
  • Medical Team should be there with all the basic medicines.
  • Arrangements for fire fighting/extinguishers/tenders should be there at the site.
  • Proper lighting and rain/sun shed should also be arranged.
  • Mingling Points should be clearly identified.
  • Control Room at the DCRC should be adequately staffed.
  • Internet connectivity, telephones and computers to be arranged at the DCRC.
  • DCRC materials to be transported well in advance and counter to be ready well in time.
  • The vehicle for transportation of DCRC/polling personnel should report in time so that DCRC personnel reach their in time for the counters to be opened right on the dot.
  • Notwithstanding immense pressure of work, the DCRC personnel should be at the best of their behaviour.
  • Food Counter against payment to be arranged for the polling personnel.
  • Food/Tiffin Packets for police to be arranged by the police authorities. Things to be coordinated with the police in advance.
  • Chart for polling party departure/arrival at DCRC to be properly maintained.
  • There should be sufficient spare materials and batteries for digital/video cameras. Battery charging points should be there in sufficient numbers.
  • Polling parties to be informed about the EVM transportation from DCRC to the counting venues in advance.
  • Special care to be taken during RC for receipt of such materials as PRO Diary, PS05 and 17-C.
  • Materials to be received at RC: Voter Turn Out Report, PRO Declaration, PRO Diary, Digital Camera and 4 items under statutory covers including Marked Copy, Register of Voters and Lister of Tendered Voters.
  • There should be proper signage with a DCRC Layout Map.
  • There should be proper coordination with Observers for Strong Room opening with advance preparations for the same.

The above are only illustrative and not exhaustive in nature. I just hope that you shall keep in mind some of the issues as detailed above.
With best wishes,

Dr. Saumitra Mohan, IAS.


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