Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To, All the officers ans staff members assocated with the Statutory and Report Return Cell

            This is the first guideline in the series of Circulars that we intend to issue. It deals with the Statutory and Report Return Cell in connection with the ensuing Assembly Election, 2011.
            As we are aware that there shall be renewed focus on expenditure monitoring and voter awareness as per ECI guidelines, we need to ensure that the related ECI instructions are executed with requisite attention being given to the finer details. The Election Commission of India has also issued various circulars, guidelines and orders for smooth conduct of elections. It is expected that ECI will issue many new circulars, guidelines and orders as the election approach nearer. In the current scenario, where each and every step is deeply scrutinized not only by the ECI, but also by the Print and Electronic Media as well as various political parties; we need to accord topmost priority to the statutory provisions relating the conduct of elections.
            It is needless to mention that the other election related cells, for example, Polling Personnel Cell, Forms & Materials Cell, EVM-cum-Awareness Cell, Training Cell etc. are heavily dependent upon the statutory guidance to be provided by the District Statutory Cell. Besides, the importance of timely submission of reports returns to the ECI through CEO, West Bengal can not be undervalued.
            While we have a Statutory & Report Return Cell at the district level, it is also felt that all the SDOs also form similar cells at their level for smooth conduct of elections.
                        The District Statutory & Report Return Cell shall ensure the following:

  • It shall compile the latest circulars, guidelines and orders issue by the ECI from time to time on the conduct of elections and segregate them for preparation of thematic booklets in a phased manner;
  • It shall promptly share all relevant circulars, guidelines and orders with the respective cells at district and sub-divisional level, all recognised political parties and all the senior officers at the district levels including all ROs for subsequent action to be taken at respective level;
  • The District Cell shall also make an effort in preparing check-lists for each phase of elections in orders to ensure error-free conduct of elections. The District Cell shall also prepare a check-list on reports/returns to be submitted during each phase of elections and shall share the same in advance with the concerned election officials to ensure timely submission of reports/returns.
  • It shall coordinate with other election cells to ensure their smooth functioning which are essential for better conduct of ensuing Assembly Election.

            The aforesaid points are only illustrative in nature and in no way undermine the importance of consulting various Hand Books, compendium and instructions issued by the Commission from time to time. 

ADM – in-charge                     =          Sri Amitava Sengupta, WBCS (Exe),
                                                            Addl. District Magistrate (Election), Birbhum.

Officer-in-charge                      =          Shri Khalid Qaisar, WBCS (Exe),
                                                            Officer-in-charge, Election.

            Shri Sujay Acharya, WBCS (Exe), Sub-Divisional Officer, Sadar (Suri) and Shri Prabir Biswas, Dy. Magistrate & Dy. Collector will also be associated with the District Statutory, Reports/Return Cell, in its smooth functioning. Other officers and members of staff, as already drafted for the Cell, shall also make all out effort in better functioning of this Cell.
                        With best wishes,

Dr. Saumitra Mohan, IAS.

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