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Here is the Model Check List for the Sector Officers which has been prepared by consultation of different reference materials and is also based on the experiences of various officers:


(ECI's No.51/8/7/2008 - EMS dt. 15.7.2008 and No. 464/INST/2008- EPS dt. 24.10.2008) -
1.1 Tasks and Responsibilities
(i) Responsible for election management from the day of announcement of schedule
of election till the completion of poll process - If required central Govt. officers can
also be deployed.
(ii) Most responsible position; best officers to be identified – Deployment immediately
after announcement of election schedule till the poll process - They shall be
designated as Zonal Magistrates for the same area at least 7 days before poll day.
They will be provided powers of Special Executive Magistrates also.
(iii) A manageable route covering 10-12 polling locations (1 to 2 hours) should be
(iv) Sectors to be constituted well in advance.
(v) The routes should be plotted on the constituency map.
(vi) Immediately after the appointment, he should have the sector map.
(vii) DEO/RO/ARO & Observers to frequently (weekly) have review meetings with SOs and monitor works allotted to and done by them
(viii) Vehicular support and/or fuel must be provided to them for effective movement.

1.2 Sector Officers – Tasks

1.2.1 Pre-poll responsibility - About polling location -
(i) To verify whether route plotted on map is feasible - Ascertaining the
approach and accessibility.
(ii) Ascertain infrastructure at polling stations – water, shade, ramps, toilet,
telephone etc., and physical status of the building. He should also ensure that the approach roads to the booths remain in good shape.
(iii) To ensure that wide publicity is given to new polling stations.
(iv) Collect phone no, ascertain mobile connectivity at PS;
(v) Party Offices, whether they exist within 200 meters periphery of PS;
(vi) He shall keep an eye and report on movement of unauthorised campaign
vehicles, defacement of property, unauthorised campaigning, misuse of public buildings/Govt. Vehicles/Govt servants and all possible violation of MCC.
The Police personnel from local Police Station will also help in control of Model Code of Conduct Violations. The Sector Officers should coordinate their activities with the Police Sector Officers (PSOs).
1.2.2 Pre-poll responsibility - About the voters:

(i) EVM demonstration to the voters in catchments.
(ii) Give specific information about EPIC coverage programme.
(iii) Inform voters about help lines and locations of their Polling Stations.
(iv) To inform voters to check their names and entries in Electoral Roll through B.L.O. or get it checked through CEO’s Mobile facility having No.:  9433633333.

1.2.3 Pre-poll responsibility - About VULNERABILITY MAPPING –

(i) Frequent visits for confidence building measures along with PSOs (if necessary) and fine tuning the vulnerability mapping (Vulnerability Mapping (ECI Nos.:  464/INST/2007 PLN I dated 12.10.07 and  464 / WB-LA / 2011 (L&O) / 620  Dated :  4th March, 2011  and  464 / WB-LA / 2011 (L&O) / 621  Dated :  4th March, 2011 ).
(iii) Identification of villages, hamlets , segments of voters , families and individuals vulnerable for threat and intimidation.
(iv) Identification of persons who make it vulnerable/Trouble mongers . It is not about number, it is about names - Information to be given in prescribed format to the
RO/DEO without having to disclose the source. The Police Personnel will also accompany for Vulnerability Mapping.
(v) Accountability for ensuring free access of voters for voting.
(vi) Identification of contact points within the vulnerable community with their telephone numbers.
(vii) Sector Officer will act as Zonal Magistrate on Poll Day.
 (viii) Since SO will act as Zonal Magistrate, he will prepare a Zonal Magistrate
Plan with a sketch map for PSs, list of telephone Nos. of PSs and election related officers, police stations, list of responsible persons, list of Anti Social elements etc.
ix)  As per the decision of District Election Officer at district Level Meeting with R.O.’s and Police Personnel in presence of the Superintendent of Police. Civil & Police Sectors are made CO-TERMINUS. Both the Sectors – Police and Civil will move JOINTLY on P-1 and Poll day.

1.2.4 Poll-eve responsibility

(i) Ensure that the polling teams and all material have reached their PSs.
(ii) Ensure that force has arrived at PSs according to the plan.

(iii) Clarify any last minute doubt on EVM operation or the polling process, amongst the polling personnel
(iv) Give ‘Safe Arrival’ and OK report to the District Control Room.

1.2.5 Poll day responsibility:
(i) To ascertain the mock poll status before commencement of poll - Remedial
action to sort out problem, if any.
To ensure that every booth has arrangements for potable water as well as sun-shade for voters and PPs.
To ensure that the disabled/blind/infirm voters are not made to stand in the queue.
(ii) Frequent visit and attention on the PS where the mock poll had to be conducted in the absence of agents.
The SO should also sign the Visitor Sheet as and when he visits the booths.
(iii) Report commencement of polls.
(iv) To ensure that Forces deployed at PSs are in position
(v) Replacements of EVMs where required (SO to have spare EVMs);
(vi) Track and report the presence /absence of polling agents;
He should also check the identity of the polling agents and anyone without an EPIC shuld not be allowed to be inside the booths.
(vii) To assist polling team inside polling station with procedures,
(viii) To maintain the purity of poll process and check all aspects of polling
during their visits to Polling Stations.
(ix) Mock poll certification be ensured - mock poll status to be reported within 30
minutes to RO [ECI's No. 51/8/7/2008-EMS dt. 15.7.08].
(x) Check voting pattern – any segment/section conspicuous by its absence. This can be gauged by having a look at the Marked Copy of Electoral Roll. Inform R.O./A.R.O. for remedial measures.
He should pay special attention to those booths where polling agents were absent during the Mock Poll.
(xi) Report voting percentage from time to time to RO as instructed.
(xii) Handling of poll day complaints. Be immediate. Don’t delay them. The crux should be to “Nip the Problem in the Bud”.
(xiii) Check the sealing of EVMs and preparation of papers by polling parties.
(xiv) Escort EVMs with the polling team to Reception Centre (R.C.).
(xv) Replacement or supplementing polling personnel from reserve parties in case of need in consultation with Hon’ble Observer/RO. In case of very long queue at the booths, the SOs should in consultation with Hon’ble Observer, RO should depute an additional PP.

(xvi) At the end of poll he will ensure that: -
(a) PrO diary and PS05 are filled up properly.
(b) EVMs are properly sealed.
(c) Copies of 17C are given to polling agents.
(d) Register of 17A is properly filled up.
(e) Format XV for PrO's additional report to be submitted to Observer is
filled up properly.

1.2.6 After poll, submit a report on polling to RO. (Format-I, II & III).
    Hope the above instructions shall be followed by the Sector Officers. During training/briefing also, the trainers/ROs should emphasise the above points.
     Best wishes,
Dr. Saumitra Mohan, IAS.

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