Thursday, March 10, 2011

To, All the officers ans staff members assocated with the Forms, Stationery and Material Cell

This note deals with the assessment & procurement of forms, stationeries and other election materials for the ensuing Assembly Election, 2011.

  • One presumes that most of the election cells have already started functioning right since the date of announcement of elections i.e. from the date of Press Release by ECI.

  • With the announcement of Elections, it is expected that different election cells thus formed, the ROs/the SDOs need constant supply of statutory/non-statutory forms, stationeries and other materials for their smooth functioning.

  • While we need to identify and list out all statutory/non-statutory forms, stationeries and the materials required for the Assembly Election 2011. We also need to frame a general policy for purchasing forms, stationeries and materials at district & sub-divisional levels.

  • The Cell shall make an assessment of the different kinds of materials and stationeries needed for functioning of different election-related Cells and for the actual conduct of elections and procure the same subject to compliance of all the relevant norms as specified for the purpose.

  • The Cell should definitely guard against the unreasonable demands placed to them for some materials.

  • All such activities including assessment of requirements, procurements and their supply to respective cells should be timely and devoid of any complexities.

  • The material bagging for the polling booths should be completed by 25th March as already decided. The material bags, so prepared for respective ACs, should later be checked at the level of respective SDOs and BDOs. The SDOs and BDOs should also check a certain percentage of these bags personally.

  • The district Forms, Stationery and Material Cell is comprised of the following officers:

ADM-in-charge      =          Shri Soumyajit Das, WBCS (Exe), ADM (General)
Officer-in-charge    =        Shri Supriya Adhikari, WBCS (Exe), DMDC and NDC, Birbhm Collectorate.

                  This Cell needs to be in constant touch with the Statutory Cell for compliance of the statutory provisions of the new guidelines issued by the ECI, during the current assembly elections, 2011.
                  All other officers and members of the staff associated with the Cell shall coordinate their functions with members of the Cell for successful functioning.
Best wishes,

Dr. Saumitra Mohan, IAS.

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